Paras Vidya Vihar has alienated the pupils into three houses i.e Shivaji House, Subhash House and Sarojini House. This is to imbibe in them competitive spirit and the quality of staging.



shivajiSHIVAJI BHOSLE an Indian warrior from 17th century established a competent and progressive civil rule with the help of a disciplined military and well structured administrative organization
The students of Shivaji House are categorized to develop their skills Of leadership, creative and logical approach and to imbibe in them

Strength- Strength of speech, strength of action and strength of supremacy.
Our motive is to mould each student of this house into an impressive, Self-sufficient, and dignified personality.
This House provides the students the opportunity to gain excellence in all spheres through various activities.    

DAILY UPDATES- News, Thoughts and Facts in the assembly
CATECHIZE-Weekly Quiz Questionnaire   
PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT-March past, Yoga, Sport competitions and games
THEATRE SKILLS- Dramatics, vocal presentations and dance performances




subhash-bose-GA65 lSubhas Chandra Bose, A wise and brave personality, Legend among the freedom fighters, is our role model.
We pick his principles to imbibe the same in our students. Our assembly activities include house wise presentation of moral thoughts, quiz, news, notice boards, displays, skits, etc which proves to be the eye-breaker for the viewers.


Hence we develop in our students determination to achieve their targeted goals with immense competitive skills not underestimating unity and discipline in the group



sarojini-naiduTHE NIGHTINGALE OF INDIA- Sarojini Naidu raised the issues of welfare youth, Dignity of labor, women’s emancipation and nationalism.
Sarojini House works on the great values and thoughts of Sarojini Naidu to enable children with an eclectic multi skilled education that grants holistic development.
Our goals rely on five points:
1. To enhance the talent of young students through cultural, Sports and educational activities.
2. To develop high calibre human resources
3. To impart and enrich ethical values
4. To enhance the Indian ethos of cultural and secular tradition
5. To establish self confidence through competitive learning environment


Bulletin Board

*Annual results declared on 11.03.2017.

* School re opens on 22.03.2017.

* Timings for class Nursery will be from 8.30am to 10.30am till 28.03.2017.


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